General Purpose Timers

GP2 Timer
Multi-Function Timers

GP2 Multi-Function Timers

Multi-Function, High Precision, Automatic Reset

The GP2 features a total of four sets of switch contacts making it extremely versatile and able to function as either a time delay or an interval timer.  Among its many features are plug-in convenience which allows for simple time-range change, a run pilot light, and complete remote control.  The unit is virtually dust and moisture proof, and designed to operate over a very wide temperature range.  An optional reverse clutch is available.
Please contact factory for pricing and availability on all time cycles.
 Technical specifications   Download PDF file reader 
Time cycle
Time Cycle

GP2-5S 5 Sec. 1/6 Sec. .05 Sec. Discontinued
GP2-15S 15 Sec. Sec. Sec. Available *
GP2-30S 30 Sec. 1 Sec. Sec. Available *
GP2-60S 60 Sec. 2 Sec. 1 Sec. Available *
GP2-150S 150 Sec. 4.5 Sec. 2 Sec. Available *
GP2-5M 5 Min. 9 Sec. 3 Sec. Available *
GP2-15M 15 Min. 30 Sec. 15 Sec. Available *
GP2-30M 30 Min. 1 Min. Min. Available *
GP2-60M 60 Min. 2 Min. 1 Min. Available *
GP2-150M 150 Min. 4.5 Min. 2 Min. Discontinued
GP2-5H 5 Hr. 9 Min. 3 Min. Available *
* Check with factory for stock and delivery
RG21 Timer
Series Timers

RG21 Cycle Timers

Standard Precision, Surface Mount, Continuous Cycle,
Single Pole, Direct Drive

RG21 timers are basic single-cam repeat cycle units.  They feature a highly reliable direct-drive system where the cam is mounted directly to the motor output shaft.  They also have a heavy duty 20 amp switch and split cam which is marked for easy adjustment.
 Technical Specifications   Download PDF file reader 

RG21-090 7 Sec. Available *
RG21-100 10 Sec. Available *
RG21-091 15 Sec. Available *
RG21-092 30 Sec. Available *
RG21-093 1 Min. Available *
RG21-101 2 Min. Available *
RG21-094 5 Min. Available *
RG21-095 10 Min. Available *
RG21-096 15 Min. Available *
RG21-097 30 Min. Available *
RG21-098 60 Min. Available *
RG21-099 4 Hr. Available *
RG21-102 24 Hr. Available *
* Check with factory for stock and delivery
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