General Purpose Timers
GP2 Multi-Function High Precision, Automatic Reset Timer

Multi-Function Timers

GP2 Multi-Function Timers

Multi-Function, High Precision, Automatic Reset

The GP2 features a total of four sets of switch contacts making it extremely versatile and able to function as either a time delay or an interval timer.  Among its many features are plug-in convenience which allows for simple time-range change, a run pilot light, and complete remote control.  The unit is virtually dust and moisture proof, and designed to operate over a very wide temperature range.  An optional reverse clutch is available.

Please contact factory for pricing and availability on all time cycles.

Technical Specifications

Time cycle
Time Cycle

GP2-5S 5 Sec. 1/6 Sec. .05 Sec. Discontinued
GP2-15S 15 Sec. ½ Sec. ¼ Sec. Available *
GP2-60S 60 Sec. 2 Sec. 1 Sec. Available *
GP2-150S 150 Sec. 4.5 Sec. 2 Sec. Available *
GP2-5M 5 Min. 9 Sec. 3 Sec. Available *
GP2-15M 15 Min. 30 Sec. 15 Sec. Available *
GP2-30M 30 Min. 1 Min. ½ Min. Available *
GP2-60M 60 Min. 2 Min. 1 Min. Available *
GP2-150M 150 Min. 4.5 Min. 2 Min. Discontinued
GP2-5H 5 Hr. 9 Min. 3 Min. Available *
* Check with factory for stock and delivery
* * *
RG21 Standard Precision, Surface Mount, Continuous Cycle Timer

Series Timers

RG21 Cycle Timers

Standard Precision, Surface Mount, Continuous Cycle, Single Pole, Direct Drive

RG21 timers are basic single-cam repeat cycle units.  They feature a highly reliable direct-drive system where the cam is mounted directly to the motor output shaft.  They also have a heavy duty 20 amp switch and split cam which is marked for easy adjustment.

Technical Specifications


RG21-090 7½ Sec. Available *
RG21-100 10 Sec. Available *
RG21-091 15 Sec. Available *
RG21-092 30 Sec. Available *
RG21-093 1 Min. Available *
RG21-101 2 Min. Available *
RG21-094 5 Min. Available *
RG21-095 10 Min. Available *
RG21-096 15 Min. Available *
RG21-097 30 Min. Available *
RG21-098 60 Min. Available *
RG21-099 4 Hr. Available *
RG21-102 24 Hr. Available *
* Check with factory for stock and delivery
* * *